Why Is Drainbox Repair Necessary

A clogged drainbox can be very frustrating and costly problem as it can lead to the overflow of dirty water in your lawn and asphalt pavement. And if this happens, it can damage the asphalt surface and slow removal of dirty water, which can also affect the quality of your parking lot in the long run.

So the best solution to this kind of problem is to have your drainbox repaired. And if you want to know why is drainbox repair necessary, we advise you to continue reading as we’ll discuss more about this topic in today’s post.


The Purpose Of Having A Drainbox

A drainbox plays many roles is to protect your asphalt pavement and your property:

  1. It catches and prevents debris and contaminants from polluting your drainage system.
  2. The absence of a catch basin will cause debris like leaves, rocks, and plastic to enter into your draining system, which increases the risk of clogging and result in damaging flooding.
  3. It collects excess water to prevent pooling in your property.
  4. Without it, water can be collected in depressions within your pavement. And this can lead to the deterioration of your asphalt pavement.


Reasons Why A Catch Basin Must Be Repaired

Like the asphalt pavement in your lot, a drainbox is also subjected to external elements which can cause it to deteriorate and malfunction over time. So a drain box needs to be repaired and maintained to ensure its proper function.

Aside from that, here are the other reasons why a catch basin must be repaired:

  1. Indications Of Deterioration – A catch basin is designed to prevent large fragments from entering the pipes. But chances are small debris can build up in the drainage, which can lead to blockage. Aside from that, the surrounding concrete that is holding the basin has already eroded, which can also cause the drainbox to be ineffective in catching excess water.
  2. Excess Pooling Or Flooding – The presence of water pools on your parking lot is also a sign that the drainbox is already failing to catch excess water. And if ignored, the water can create small cracks which get bigger the longer the water stays on the asphalt surface.

Hence, repairing your basin drain is essential to prevent this problem from getting worse.

  1. Backflow Of Dirty Water – A clogged drain will cause dirty water to spit back on the asphalt surface. And if this happens, it could create a nasty odor which smells like sewage. And the presence of dirty water can also lead to the buildup of mold and mildew on areas where water is collected often.
  2. A Disaster Waiting To Happen – Wet asphalt can increase the risk of slipping and the development of potholes, which can lead to accidents. So to keep your family and your car safe, it is recommended to have your catch basin repaired immediately.


Final Word

A drainbox is an important fixture in your parking lot. They collect excess water and redirect it away from the asphalt surface. If signs of deterioration and repair are deferred, a damaged catch basin can ruin the pavement and cause sinkholes to develop, which can lead to injuries and damage to your car.

So it’s recommended to have your drainbox repaired by an experienced professional paving company. Check out A Rock Asphalt Services in Utah if you need professional help in this case.

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