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How To Measure For Garage Door

Protecting your possessions and vehicles should always be of utmost importance, which is why selecting the right garage door for your garage requires careful consideration. Making sure to precisely calculate measurements will guarantee that you get a perfectly fitted and smoothly running door.

Read more we’ll provide an in-depth guide on how to measure for garage door to help you determine the correct size for your garage.


Step 1: Measure The Width Of The Opening

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For your new garage door to be installed appropriately, you must take accurate measurements of the opening with a tape measure. Record its widest point across; this will guarantee sufficient room when selecting and fitting it in your home.

Step 2: Measure The Height Of The Opening

To determine the precise measurements of your garage door, simply grab a measuring tape and measure its width. Subsequently, take the measurement from floor to top—an effortless task that will only take a few moments. Once you have done this, you will have all of the necessary information needed to figure out how expansive your entranceway is.

To guarantee that you order the correct-sized garage door for your space, measure from the highest point of your garage floor to its entrance.

Step 3: Determine The Headroom Clearance

When preparing to install a garage door, it is essential that you not only measure the width and height of your opening but also ensure there is sufficient headroom. Having enough space above the doorway is vital for guaranteeing a successful installation as well as ensuring its future performance exceeds expectations.

To make sure your garage door operates properly and securely, it is essential that you measure from the top of the opening to the ceiling or any potential obstacles in its track. Taking this step guarantees ample clearance when lifting and lowering the overhead door.

Step 4: Check For Side Room Clearances

Remember to include the necessary side-room allowance; this extra space will guarantee adequate assembly and operation on both sides of the entranceway.

If you want to get the best use out of your garage door installation, it is important to take precise measurements between the doorway and any potential obstructions. Doing so will give you assurance that there is sufficient room for it to open without restriction, allowing you to experience its features unimpeded to the maximum.

Step 5: Determine The Backroom Clearance

Before you install, it is crucial to take the required steps for your new garage door to function optimally. Make sure that the backroom clearance is at the proper measurement, and that the space between your chosen garage door and its farthest wall is accurately calculated in order to guarantee a satisfactory result.

In addition, make sure to take measurements between the door opening of your garage and the wall behind it for accurate clearance. With these exact dimensions, you can rest assured that there will be no obstructions or interference preventing its smooth operation. By double-checking this detail ahead of time, you can feel confident knowing that your garage door will always work properly whenever it is needed.


How A Professional Technician Can Help You Determine The Right Measurements For Your Garage Door

To guarantee flawless installation and operation of your garage door, it is absolutely essential to get the exact measurements. Though obtaining accurate measurements can be a bit challenging, you must ensure that you are thorough when doing so.

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All in all, obtaining precise dimensions for your garage door space is indispensible if you want it to work correctly and fit seamlessly into the opening. Before investing, record exact measurements of width, height, headroom clearance, side room clearance, and backroom allowance so that you can always get the proper size.

If you are uncertain about the perfect size for your new garage door, do not hesitate to reach out and consult with a trusted garage door company. Their expertise will guarantee that your entryway is exactly what you need and it will be custom-made according to the measurements of your residence.

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