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How Are Garage Doors Measured

Installing a garage door is an important step for anyone looking to improve the security of their home and the value of their property. Properly measuring your garage door opening is critical to ensuring that your new garage door fits correctly when it is installed. Knowing how to measure accurately can be intimidating, but following these steps will ensure that you get the perfect fit for your opening.

So how are garage doors measured? Read more to find out.



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The width of a garage door is measured in two places – at the top (or jamb) of the opening, and at the bottom. Measure from the inside edge to the other inside edge (on both sides). Make sure that when you are taking these measurements you leave enough room on each side so that the doors can open and close easily with no obstruction. Most common single-car garage doors measure 8’ wide but if yours is different then make sure you take this into account when ordering.


Height is usually measured from the ground up at the highest point, also known as ‘headroom’ – this number will vary depending on the type of door (section or roll-up) being installed; sectional doors require more headroom than roll-up models due to their larger spring systems. Additionally, if your garage already has tracks installed from the previous model then those should be taken into consideration too since they could limit the maximum height available for replacement doors. Generally speaking, most standard single-car garages have 7’ heights but again be sure to double check before making any final orders.

Thickness/Opener Capacity

Finally, thickness/opener capacity refers to how much strength needs to be provided by the opener in order to lift heavy duty doors which tend to be thicker & heavier than lighter models – thus requiring additional power; thin steel paneled ones may only need 2 inch diameter motor while thicker wood paneled wooden ones may require 3 inches or more! If unsure what type of opener you need then ask a professional installer or check manufacturer’s specs prior to purchasing any new equipment.

Getting Help

Measuring and replacing garage doors can be a tricky process so if necessary don’t be afraid to seek out professional help – there are plenty of companies who specialize in installations and repairs who can walk through the entire process with ease. Additionally make sure to read up reviews on products you are considering so you know exactly what you are getting into ahead of time plus ensure that all parts meet local building codes too! With proper preparation & research replacement project will surely go smoothly as planned.

Why Hiring A Professional Installer/Repairer Is Critical To Get The Right Measurements Of Your Garage Door

Hiring a professional garage door installer/repairer is critical to getting the correct measurements of your garage door. This is because they have access to specialized tools and expert knowledge that will allow them to accurately measure your garage door so that it fits perfectly in its frame. They also know how the measurements can impact the overall performance of your garage door, including its strength, energy efficiency, insulation capacity, quality of construction and its longevity. With their help, you can ensure that you get an appropriate size for your doorway that meets all safety standards. Having a properly measured garage door will help reduce future repair or replacement costs as well as provide you with peace-of-mind knowing that your family is safe from any potential accidents or injuries due to incorrect sizing.

Additionally, professional garage door installers will also provide helpful tips on how to take care of your new garage door and keep it in good condition for years to come.

Will The Measurements Differ According To The Type Of Garage Door To Be Installed

The measurement of garage doors can vary depending on the type of door being installed. This is due to the fact that different types of garage doors require different sizes and measurements in order to fit properly into the opening provided. Different styles, materials, and construction options also result in different measurements for each type of door.

When measuring a garage door, it’s important to consider the height and width of the opening. The height should be measured from the top of the door opening where the header is located to the floor. This measurement should not include any trim or molding that may be along the bottom edge. For width, measure from jamb-to-jamb across the opening.

When measuring a sectional garage door, the measurements should include any tracks or hardware that will be needed to install the door. This includes track height and width as well as any necessary hardware components such as brackets or pulleys. Other details to consider during measurement include the type of garage door opener desired, the number of springs needed, insulation needs, and any other custom features.

Knowing the measurements of your garage door is essential to ensure a proper fit. If you are unsure of how to measure a garage door correctly, seek out professional help from a qualified installer. Contact Garage Door Specialists in Neenah, WI as they will have the experience needed to accurately measure the size and shape of your door. This will guarantee that it is installed correctly the first time and you can rest easy knowing your garage door is secure.

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