brick driveway ideas

Brick Driveway Ideas

Brick driveways are an attractive option for homeowners looking to upgrade the exterior of their homes. Not only do brick driveways add a classic, timeless look to your property, but they’re also low maintenance and can last for years with minimal upkeep.

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Why Have A Brick Driveway

There are a number of reasons why a brick driveway may be the perfect choice for your home. For one, bricks offer long-term durability, meaning you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing or maintaining them as you might with other materials.

Additionally, bricks are non-toxic and safe to use around kids and pets, making them ideal for homes with small children or animals. Furthermore, they can add aesthetic value to your property by providing an attractive look while increasing its overall value. And because they’re nonporous and able to withstand extreme temperatures as well as moisture damage due to rain or snowfall, brick driveways are incredibly easy to maintain throughout the years with minimal effort involved.


7 Ideas for Brick Driveways

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Brick driveways are a popular choice among homeowners looking to add style and charm to their property. They are easy to maintain, long-lasting, and can have a timeless, classic look that will improve the curb appeal of any home. Here are seven ideas for designing and installing your own brick driveway.

  1. Colorful Bricks – You can add extra flair to your driveway by choosing bricks in unique colors or with interesting patterns. Choose from shades of red, orange, yellow and blue to create an eye-catching design that’s sure to make a statement.
  2. Curved Design – Take advantage of the flexibility of bricks by creating a curved design instead of a straight line on your driveway. This adds an elegant touch and helps break up the hard lines of traditional driveways. It also emphasizes the natural beauty of solid brickwork while still providing plenty of space between cars when they’re parked in the driveway.
  3. Include Accents – Accent pieces help bring out the texture and color of your bricks while also adding extra charm to your driveway design. Think about including stone accents for a more rustic feel or steel accents for an industrial look. You can also use bricks in different colors or sizes as accents to give your driveway some visual interest without overwhelming it with too much detail all at once.
  4. Create Borders – Create borders around the edges of your driveway using contrasting materials such as concrete or cobblestone pavers to separate it from grass, gravel beds, gardens or other features nearby. This allows you to tie together multiple elements within one cohesive installation while still emphasizing each individual part’s uniqueness and beauty as well.
  5. Use Pavers – If you want to customize both aesthetics and functionality when designing your brick driveway then consider paving stones which come in various shapes, colors and sizes that fit better together than traditional rectangular bricks do. This enables you to create intricate designs with curves, twists and turns while still having enough stability against weathering over time since pavers interlock better than rectangular bricks do. Additionally, most paving stones can be sealed which makes them easier to maintain over many years of heavy traffic use.
  6. Clay Bricks – Clay brick is arguably the most classic material used for driveways due to its durable nature, ability to resist staining, low water absorption rate, attractive appearance, and resistance from freeze-thaw cycles. However, because clay is porous it needs regular sealing every few years if it is going to be exposed outside during wetter seasons.
  7. Matching Patterns – If you want something truly unique then consider creating matching patterns along both sides of your entryway for balance. Whether you choose herringbone, basketweave, running bond, or any other pattern these make great additions that not only increase visibility but also provide symmetry throughout the entire area where someone might be turning onto your property.


Who Should Construct Your Brick Driveway

Constructing a brick driveway is a project that requires the expertise of a professional mason or contractor. The construction of your brick driveway should be done by an experienced and highly-skilled professional who has the necessary knowledge, tools and techniques to do so. This is because laying bricks requires precise measurements, correct cutting angles and an eye for detail. The contractor should also have experience in mixing the right type of mortar and applying it correctly. In addition, they must be familiar with the different types of bricks used for driveways and know how to lay them down properly.

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